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Our Banana Belief

We understand that every moment leading up to your big day is precious and deserves to be celebrated in style. 


Born from our own experience of searching for something more than the ordinary, we launched Banana Bridal to help personalize and elevate every bridal moment - from bachelorette parties to the big day, and everything in between.


At Banana Bridal, we custom design themes for refined apparel and accessories that are inspired by the latest up-and-coming trends, and created a one-stop-shop for you to pick and personalize exactly what you need for every moment.


We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do - from our designs, our quality, and our customer experience so that you can stop stressing, and start celebrating with your friends and family!

Meet the
Banana Bunch

We are two friends - Maddy and Fred - who first met as coworkers at our corporate jobs in NYC.

Maddy has always wanted to be Fred’s best friend, but Fred always played hard to get. It wasn’t until Maddy moved away to Durham that she finally peeled away Fred’s layers of resistance, and their friendship ripened beautifully.

Now, bursting with creativity, we’re spinning out of the corporate wheel to launch our own company - a place where our creative juices can freely flow.
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